Benefits of Membership

Palms Medical only accepts a few hundred patients at a time. Traditional family practice doctors routinely see over 2000 patients! We have fewer patients so we can provide top-of-the-line care to each and every patient. Here are some of the things you'll have access to as a member.

Comprehensive High Quality Care

We assist in heath optimization by providing a patient-provider relationship, exams, tests, and methods that are not found in traditional medicine. We perform testing that offers a better insight to your health status, allowing improved preventive practices and health optimization strategies. When disease is present, we believe in finding the root cause of disease rather than pushing medications that only hide the symptoms.

Advanced Testing

A traditional clinic's preventive workup typically consists of a 3-part lipid panel and an A1C. We provide a 20-element lipid panel in addition to a full hormone, inflammation, cardiometabolic, and genetic panels to gauge your current health status and risk of developing certain conditions such as Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancers, Heart Arrhythmia's, Parkinson's. In additional to lab work we incorporate a carotid ultrasound intimal thickness test.

Office visits when you want them

Need a visit? We can usually get you a same-day or next-day appointment. Your time and your schedule are important: You will not sit waiting to see your provider, but rather be seen by your provider at the scheduled time. We will focus on all of your issues not forcing you to come back at another time.

Extended time with the doctor

Appointments are typically 30 minutes, but can go as long as 90. Whatever it takes to get you taken care of. Good healthcare takes time.


For example, suturing, cryotherapy, and skin biopsy are all included in your membership fee. If there is an extra charge for a service, you will know exactly what it is before proceeding. There are special labs and procedures that may require an additional fee. Our members receive a discounted price for these special labs and procedures.

Coordination with specialists

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, we will work closely with that specialist.

In-House Medications

We dispense medications in-house, so we're offering medications to you at wholesale prices. For nearly all medications, the price we offer is cheaper than your co-pay at a pharmacy.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Patients have the benefit of a hands-on technique to assist in diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury. This treatment option can assist with overall immune function, reduction in pain, increase mobility, and overall function.

Urgent care visits included for children 8 and older.

Don't have time to go wait at a busy urgent care with your child, we can see them virtually or in office.

24/7 Communication

Contact us whenever you want, however you want - email, text, in-person, even video chat. Save time by not coming in for unnecessary things that can be handled over the phone or with telemedine.


We offer the convenience of telemedicine or phone visits. Many things can be handled without an office visit saving you time during your busy day.

Health Optimization and Prevention Assessment

Details coming soon

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