Gut Health

Why is Gut Health So Important?

1- Most Diseases start in the gut
The human digestive tract forms a defensive barrier between what we ingest and prevents harmful substances from reaching the bloodstream. Environmental factors can alter our Microbiome causing our intestinal barrier to break down leading to malnutrition, systemic immune responses, and systemic inflammation. It is this inflammation that can be the root cause of disease.

Here are diseases we are discovering that are involved or related to dysfunctions of gut:

2- About 70% of our Immune System is located within the Gut
The Gut Immune system acts as our boarder control to monitor what is and is-not allowed to enter. It is in the gut where the intertwined relationship between our body and the microbiome exist. Our immune system works to keep the microbiome in-check and to create a barrier between the outside world and the inter world of our bodies. If there is a break down in our gut immune function this leads to increased inflammation and metabolic dysregulation. The relationship between the microbiome and our bodies can be symbiotic or harmful.

3- Bacteria (Our Microbiotia)
The Gut Microbiome composition can either shape a healthy immune response or predispose one to disease. The Gut Microbiome is an essential component to immune, metabolic, cardiovascular, neuro, and brain health. An imbalance of the Microbiota leads to inflammation and metabolic dysfunction.
The Microbiota role:

4- Gut-Brain Axis
The majority of our Neurotransmitters are made in the Gut.
The gut effects

What we do to heal and protect your Gut Health

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