Health Optimization and Prevention Assessment

For people that want to identify their health risks and optimize their overall health, Palms Medical provides a specialized assessment. Why settle for just good enough health when there is the opportunity to perform and feel your best?

Palms Medical provides a better insight to your health status, allowing improved preventive practices and health optimization strategies. We take a deep dive into lipids, inflammation, cardiometabolic, hormones, and genetics. A yearly physical at a traditional clinic will typically include basic labs and maybe an EKG. Patients would be lucky to get a vit d level. Unfortunately, patients are provided a false sense of health with traditional types of exams. The main preventive practice for heart attacks is a 3-part basic lipid panel. This test is out dated as it simple does not tell the true story of risk, as 50% of people that experience a heart attack have a normal cholesterol level. There is more to health risk stratification than just lipids levels, which is why in addition to a 20-element lipid panel we focus on inflammation and cardiometabolic factors.

Our approach allows a better gauge of current health status and risk of developing certain conditions such as Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancers, Heart Arrhythmia's, Parkinson's, Autoimmune disorders, and Autoinflammation disorders.

Palms Medical Health Optimization and Prevention Assessment includes:

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