Hormone Therapy

The Right Diagnosis – The Right Treatment

It is not just about replacing low hormones. For example, consider testosterone. Most clinics will perform minimal testing and if the testosterone comes back low, they will initiate testosterone replacement.

This is wrong, only testing for total testosterone and free testosterone does not provide the potential reasons for the low hormone level. A patient might be placed on hormone replacement when the issue is elsewhere. It is wrong not to ask what caused the Low-T or hormonal imbalance. After starting hormone replacement a patient will likely notice and feel the positive benefits of the medication, however not dealing with root cause can eventually create problems elsewhere.

Additionally, if hormone replacement is not monitoring correctly it can lead to endocrine and heart issues. Testosterone replacement can cause the blood to thicken, creating a more viscous solution for the heart to pump against. This repeated increased demand placed on the heart can wear the cardiac muscle down leading to failure.

At Palms Medical we approach hormone replacement by taking an entire view of a patient rather than just one or two lab results. We take an in dept history to determine possible causes of the hormone changes. Additionally, we do full hormone panels to paint a clear picture of the interplay between a patient’s hormones.

With this approach we can have a better insight and formulate a better treatment and monitoring plan.

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