Thyroid Health

While the thyroid is only about the size of plum, it is one of the most powerful tissues in the body. It can affect energy levels, fat metabolism, temperature regulation, skin health, heart rate, brain function, digestion-absorption, GI motility, pain, inflammation, immune function, and menstrual cycles.

When it comes to determining thyroid function traditional medicine falls short. They typically test for the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free T4, and maybe total T4. Depending on these results alone, they will place a patient on thyroid replacement hormones without identifying the root cause. After being placed on medication the patient may start to feel better and the limited lab panel will return normal. However, 6 months or years later the patient’s symptoms return but the labs remain normal. The patient will be told that their labs look good, and they are left at a loss. Traditional clinics miss out on further testing or lifestyle factors to take into account.

Our Thyroid Health Workup:

With our in-depth history and testing focused on finding the root cause we develop proper interventions rather than simply starting thyroid hormone. Additionally, while labs may fall within normal ranges, we seek how to optimize tissue function rather than just restoring lab values within the normal range.

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