Weight Loss

Many patients want weight loss, but really, they are looking for Fat Loss. However, standing on a scale does not tell them how much fat they have. A patient can go on a diet and lose 10 to 50 pounds, however they might be losing muscle instead of fat. While the number on the scale looks better this is not actually the goal. Without knowing a starting point of fat percentage there’s no clear goal or solid method to monitor progression. The current way to determine a healthy or desirable weight is outdated. The use of a weight scales to measure pounds or a BMI calculator leaves a gap in knowledge. Looking at pounds only tells us how much the earth is pulling on the human body, it tells us nothing about how much muscle, bone, and fat a person has. It does not tell us what type of changes should be made in the diet for sustainable fat loss and proper body composition maintenance.

The ratio between Muscle-Bone-Fat provides greater insight to health. If I take two people both weighing 200 pounds, one with an imbalance of fat and the other with a desirable muscle to fat ratio the health risks, appearance, and function are very different.

Ready To Lose That Fat?

At Palms Medical we take a nutritional, movement, behavioral, and sometimes a medication approach to fat loss. At the initial visit we start with a body composition analysis to provide a clear starting point, obtainable goals, and a road map to success. We also dive into your health history and dietary behaviors to determine the cause of fat gain and difficulty losing it. We may suggest lab work to identify the metabolic factors shaping your struggles with fat lose. We also provide a behavioral assessment and coaching for successful change. For those that would like to incorporate exercise into your plan we will design a movement program that is a fit for you.

If medication is needed, we provide multiple medication options such as: 

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