Health Optimization and Prevention Assessment

For people that want to identify their health risks and optimize their overall health, Palms Medical provides a specialized assessment. Why settle for just good enough health when there is the opportunity to perform and feel your best?

Palms Medical provides a better insight to your health status, allowing improved preventive practices and health optimization strategies. We take a deep dive into lipids, inflammation, cardiometabolic, hormones, and genetics. A yearly physical at a traditional clinic will typically include basic labs and maybe an EKG. Patients would be lucky to get a vit d level. Unfortunately, patients are provided a false sense of health with traditional types of exams. The main preventive practice for heart attacks is a 3-part basic lipid panel. This test is out dated as it simple does not tell the true story of risk, as 50% of people that experience a heart attack have a normal cholesterol level. There is more to health risk stratification than just lipids levels, which is why in addition to a 20-element lipid panel we focus on inflammation and cardiometabolic factors.

Our approach allows a better gauge of current health status and risk of developing certain conditions such as Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancers, Heart Arrhythmia's, Parkinson's, Autoimmune disorders, and Autoinflammation disorders.

Palms Medical Health Optimization and Prevention Assessment includes:

Membership Based Primary Care

Palms Medical provides a primary care membership for a yearly fee. The membership provides a VIP level of convenience, access, and care. To ensure this high yield level of care we focus on quality rather quantity. We maintain low patient volumes and provide a highly assessable environment. Our members experience 24/7 access, next day or same day clinic visits, telemedicine visits, and increased face time with providers.

We provide a personalized health care experience that focuses on your health optimization and wellness. At Palms Medical your unique health story will serve as a guide to personalize your care. We assist in heath optimization by providing a patient-provider relationships, exams, tests, and methods that are not found in traditional medicine. We perform testing that offers a better insight to your health status, allowing improved preventive practices and health optimization strategies. When a disorder is present, we believe in finding the root cause rather than pushing medications that only hide the symptoms. Patients are treated as a whole person rather than individual aliments.

We do not bill insurance for services or take co-pays, this allows health decisions to be made without the restrictions and impersonal nature that comes with third party payers. If you wish, we can still bill your insurance for things such as lab work. However, we have contracted with lab companies to offer reduced pricing. Additionally, traditional clinics need patients to physically go to the clinic to generate revenue to bill insurance companies. If it is something that can be handled over a phone call or video chat we won’t waste your time by forcing you to come in.

We care for a wide number of conditions: Heart disease, cardiometabolic issues, hypertension, COPD, asthma, autoimmunity, diabetes, mood disorders, mental fog, leaky gut, GI disorders, crohn’s, diverticulitis, fibrbromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lymes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoinflammation, MS, sleep apnea, thyroid disorders, hypo-testosterone, cortisol issues, migraines, cerumen impaction, and urgent care issues. Please note this is just a sample of the conditions cared for by Palms Medical.

Please find additional benefits of membership on ourBenefits page

For Medicare patients please see details on ourMedicare page

Functional Medicine Evaluations

Functional Medicine is a personalized science-based model of medicine that focuses on the root cause of disease. Through an in-depth history and exam we will create a personalized approach to determine the root cause of issues rather than simply providing medications that only treat the symptoms. While medications can be used, we will focus treatment strategies around lifestyle and integrative techniques. Too often patients are miss diagnosed and provided medication that overtime make their condition worse or create other conditions. Our goal is to work as a provider-patient team to go back when you felt good, determine what changed, and how to get you back to feeling your best.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment is a hand-on approach to diagnose and treat patients. The treatment involves stretching, muscle energy, and manipulation techniques of joints, soft tissues, and facia to promote function. OMT can improve musculoskeletal range of motion, reduce pain, and normalize sympathetic and parasympathetic tone.

An additional OMT technique is lymphatic treatment. The goal is to assist in the proper circulation and drainage of lymphatic fluid to maintain homeostasis and support the immune system. This technique can be used during times of infection but can also be used to improve overall health. It can facilitating with protein, nutrient, and immune cell transport, fluid filtration, and clearance of inflammation products.

OMT is use to treat of a wide variety of conditions such as joint and back pain, muscle stiffness, strain and sprains, COPD, asthma, pneumonia, CHF, fibrbromyalgia, URIs, sinusitis, migraines, constipation, Crohn’s, otitis, lymphedema, and thoracic inlet syndrome.

Covid Testing

Palms Medical offers Rapid RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen Covid Testing. We provide a convenient and quick process for covid testing.

We provide testing for travel, boarder, events, group, return to school, return to work.

Patients are swabbed at their appointment time and then receive results in 30 mins for RT-PCR test and 15 mins for Antigen test.

A doctor visit is not required for testing. Simply come at your appointment time, get swab, leave, and result will be sent to you.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Palms Medical provides an expanded workup into hormone health to determine the possible cause of hormone deficiency. There are numerous HRT clinics that provide a minimal workup, diagnosis a hormonal imbalance, and prescribe replacement in a quick turn over cycle. However, if not diagnosed properly some patients are started on hormone replacement, feel better for a while, then find themselves back at square one or worse. We do not simply look at hormone levels but evaluate numerous causes of hormone imbalance.

Athletic Performance Analysis

Palms Medical provides an assessment for athletics and exercise buffs that want to measure their performance and determine their health status.

You put a great deal of time into training, make sure that you are getting the most out of your effort and equipping yourself for success. Determine your dietary needs and target training ranges based on resting metabolic rate, body composition analysis, and VO2 Max assessment. We work with local partners that provide a range of options to meet your preference for: VO2 Max, RMR, Dexa Scan, 3D Scanning, Bod Pod, and Intimal Thickness Ultrasound.

Additionally, over training has detrimental effects that can lead to an inflammation state not only affecting performance but placing you at increased health risks. We provide lab panels to give insight into health status that look into inflammation, cardiometabolic, nutrition, hormone, and genetic factors.

IV Treatments

 Palms Medical provides multiple IV solutions.  Coming Soon

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