Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death in the United States.

What has your doctor done in the past to prevent cardiovascular events?
Probably a Cholesterol-Lipid Panel and checked your blood pressure.
This is not enough!

50% of heart attacks happen in patients with Normal LDL Cholesterol

17.6% of heart attacks happened in patients with a LDL less than 70.

Simply looking at cholesterol is not even close to providing great preventative medicine. The real issue that needs to be looked at is inflammation. Traditional medicine is still using cholesterol to guide prevention.

Now, let’s say your Cholesterol is elevated. What is the typical next step? A patient is placed on a statin medication. However, these medications only reduce mortality by 30%. That is not enough. Additionally, these medications can cause hormone disruption and create other disease processes leading to worse overall health. In fact, the benefits of these medications is not from what was originally thought (the lowering of cholesterol) but rather anti-inflammation effects.

So, the question is how to best assess risks of cardiovascular disease, identify types of inflammation, and how to reduce them.

What we Provide:

Better Tests to Identify Your Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke and interventions to reduce your risk.

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